Donkey (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Donkey (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Jill Bough

Though donkeys have traditionally been between our Most worthy domesticated animals—from plowing fields to navigating tricky terrain—they were a lot maligned in pop culture and given little or no recognize. quite a bit so, that their perceived characteristics of stupidity and stubbornness have made their manner into the language of insult. yet in Donkey, Jill Bough champions this humble creature, proving that once 10,000 years of domestication, this quite hard-working animal merits our appreciation.


Bough finds the animal’s historical importance in historic Egypt, the place it was hugely regarded—even worshipped. despite the fact that, this increased prestige didn't undergo in historic Greece and Rome, the place donkeys have been denigrated, ridiculed, and abused. seeing that that point, donkeys have endured to be linked to the poorest and such a lot marginalized in human societies. All that point and around the world, donkeys stay used for innumerable projects, or even at the present time, donkeys are thought of to be the most effective draught animals in constructing international locations, the place they proceed to make an important contribution. Bough rounds out her account with a glance on the number of social, cultural, and spiritual meanings that donkeys have embodied, particularly in literature and art.


With money owed which are either interesting and touching, this cultural historical past of the donkey will motivate a brand new admire and admiration for this crucial creature.

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