Do You Think What You Think You Think?

Do You Think What You Think You Think?

Julian Baggini

Explore the grey parts on your grey matter?philosophical brainteasers from the bestselling writer of The Pig that desires to Be Eaten

Is your mind prepared for an intensive philosophical healthiness payment?

the writer of the foreign bestseller The Pig that desires to Be Eaten and his fellow founding editor of The Philosopher?s Magazine have a few thought-provoking questions about your considering: Is what you think coherent and consistent?or a jumble of contradictions? when you may well layout a God, what could He, She, or it's like? and the way will you fare at the difficult terrain of ethics whilst your taboos are lower than the highlight?

listed here are a dozen philosophical quizzes sure to make armchair philosophers uncomfortably shift of their seats. The solutions will demonstrate what you actually think?and it could actually no longer be what you inspiration. enjoyable, not easy, and astonishing, this booklet will assist you to observe the you you by no means knew you have been.

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