Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat: And the 101 Truths That Will Save Your Waistline--and Maybe Even Your Life

Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat: And the 101 Truths That Will Save Your Waistline--and Maybe Even Your Life

Get the true thin on fat.

When it involves losing a few pounds, the fake ideals such a lot folks grasp to may fill a book–this one! As a physician, clinical journalist, and veteran of the vitamin wars, Nancy L. Snyderman understands larger than virtually someone what fairly works and what sabotages your most sensible efforts to lose weight and maintain them off. Do you suspect any of those commonplace nutrition myths?

• Your weight is your fault.
• eating plan is a waste of time–most dieters regain their weight earlier than long.
• Carbs are undesirable for you.
• Carbs are reliable for you.
• energy don’t count–it’s the type of meals you devour that’s the problem.
• fats is fat–it doesn’t topic the place in your physique you hold it.
• vitamin medicines and surgical procedures are a magic bullet.

In Diet Myths That continue Us Fat, Dr. Snyderman unearths precisely why those and different bogus rules get within the method of what may be the straightforward or even cheerful undertaking of achieving and conserving your excellent weight. of their position, she finds one hundred and one mind-blowing truths–muscle doesn’t weigh greater than fats, you could devour after eight p.m. and never achieve weight, you could devour dessert for dinner whilst on a nutrition, and ninety eight extra. yet here’s the simplest information: Slimming down and getting more fit doesn’t need to be approximately deprivation or superhuman feats of determination. in its place, you are going to take pleasure in a brand new courting with food–including these treats you're keen on the most–while feeling brilliant inside and outside.

So omit the fashion diets that paintings nice . . . until eventually they don’t, in addition to the destructive feelings linked to every thing from rest room scales to full-length mirrors. such a lot of all, put out of your mind all of the myths and take into account what’s actual: you are able to do this and you’ll by no means remorse it for a minute.

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