Diana In Heaven: The Dead Princess Diaries

Diana In Heaven: The Dead Princess Diaries

Andy Dawson

A diary from the Queen Of Hearts, charting her growth within the afterlife, according to the wildly renowned @DianaInHeaven Twitter account.

Follow a 12 months in Diana's existence as she plots to seduce Jimi Hendrix, is baffled by way of the innovations of Michael Jackson, reminisces approximately her time on the earth and enjoys spending time together with her robotic Jade Goody.

Contains VERY powerful language.

Sample entries...

12th MARCH
Oh, simply examine negative, negative Steve Irwin. nonetheless hasn’t come to phrases with personal tragic, freakish dying. Doesn’t set foot out of his pod except he’s received his vulcanised rubber burka on and trudges round parping on a klaxon and thrashing a tennis racket at somebody and something that is going close to him.

It’s ok Steve, you’re in Heaven mate – no jellyfish can damage you presently. Be nonetheless my child.

20th JUNE
Best needs in this big day to the fathers of my youngsters. Er, father, I intended father. As in just one. received that?


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