Desert America: A Journey Through Our Most Divided Landscape

Desert America: A Journey Through Our Most Divided Landscape

"Desert the United States is an uninsulated twine operating during the hard-bitten, right-now, rough-edged Southwest, a land nonetheless being born. pass forward and seize carry: first comes shock―maybe of popularity, perhaps alarm―then you retain humming for web page after electrical web page. you cannot enable go."―William deBuys, writer of A nice Aridness and River of Traps

The financial boom―and the devastation left in its wake―was writ nowhere as huge as at the American West. during the last decade, the main iconic of yankee landscapes has gone through a political and demographic upheaval related in simple terms to the outlet of the frontier. In Desert America, a piece of robust reportage and memoir, acclaimed writer Rubén Martínez explores an international of extremes: drug dependancy flourishing within the shadow of a few of America's richest zip codes, an unique Texas enclave that coexists with bloodshed at the banks of the Rio Grande, and local americans weeding out Mexican migrants crossing the main desolate stretch of the border.

Desert America info Martinez's personal love for this such a lot contested quarter and divulges that the nice frontier is now within the leading edge of the big disparities which are redefining the very notion of America.

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