Death to the Landlords (Felse, Book 11)

Death to the Landlords (Felse, Book 11)

Ellis Peters

Landlords across the world should not the preferred humans, and there's little mourning while the grasping, ruthless Mahendralal Bakhle is blown up in his boat at the appealing Periyar Lake. Suspicion falls at the boat-boy who died with him, yet Dominic Felse, one in all a celebration of younger travelers by chance interested in the fatality, isn't really confident of the boy's guilt. And once they circulate on it appears the fear continues to be pursuing them.

Violence and dying erupt another time in the house of a really diverse landowner, the place Dominic and his pals are site visitors, and stick with them relentlessly south to the very tip of India, the place Dominic and the Swami Premanathanand, a guy of peace, get to the bottom of a perilous Indian rope trick of hatred and murder...

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