Deadly Jewels: A Novel

Deadly Jewels: A Novel

Jeannette de Beauvoir

When Martine LeDuc, exposure director for town of Montréal, is summoned into the mayor's place of work, she's pleasantly stunned to discover town is due for a PR coup: a doctoral researcher at McGill collage claims to have stumbled on facts that the British crown jewels have been kept in Montréal in the course of WWII.

Martine is delighted to join the excavation venture, until eventually it seems that the dig's discoveries comprise the skeleton of a guy with diamonds in his ribcage and a gap in his cranium. is that this decades-old homicide best her too a long way into the damaging global of Canada’s neo-Nazi networks, or is there anything happening that makes the jewels themselves lethal? Is background ever relatively thoroughly buried?

With urgent own matters crowding into her expert lifestyles, Martine must clear up not just the puzzle of the jewels, yet a few more moderen crimes―including one other homicide, a kidnapping, and the operation of an historic cult in Montréal―and do it prior to the prior reaches out to silence her for good.

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