Day of the Guns (Tiger Mann, Book 1)

Day of the Guns (Tiger Mann, Book 1)

Mickey Spillane

Tiger Mann is a veteran of the second one global struggle, having battled the Nazis and their collaborators in Europe. The conflict has been over for it slow and now he's struggling with the communists and the folks he perspectives as their collaborators. Mann is uncompromising with humans on either side of the struggle, in lots of methods he reserves his maximum contempt for the "pinkos", those that don't examine communism that undesirable or that a lot of a threat.

Tiger additionally has a few severe emotional luggage left over from the battle, the place his nice love grew to become out to be a ruthless Nazi collaborator that attempted to kill him. Her identify used to be Rondine and now he thinks she has again from the lifeless in one other guise after vast cosmetic surgery.

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