Day of the Damned (Death's Head, Book 3)

Day of the Damned (Death's Head, Book 3)

David Gunn

Fueled with high-octane testosterone and remarkable for a kill expense extra known in laptop video games than in works of literature, David Gunn’s novels take no prisoners and make no apologies. Like warfare itself, they're uncooked and violent, scary but mysteriously relocating. those features additionally symbolize Gunn’s hero and narrator, Lt. Sven Tveskoeg, a killing desktop whose DNA marks him as less–or might be more–than human. no matter what he's, he's continuously as mesmerizing as he's lethal.

Sven has survived every little thing a antagonistic universe can throw at him. yet he’d be the 1st to confess that it isn’t smarts that experience stored him alive for thus lengthy. And it’s now not success, both. simply because success wouldn’t have visible him plucked out of obscurity to serve within the military of Emperor OctoV, a machine-human hybrid who seems to be a teenage boy yet is absolutely immeasurably older. perhaps Sven has survived out of sheer orneriness–although his artificially clever, unmistakably sarcastic, and roughly sociopathic sidearm could argue otherwise–but Sven isn’t one to examine such questions.

In Day of the Damned, Sven and his band of misfit auxiliaries have arrived at Farlight, capital of the Octavian Empire, for a bit well-earned relaxation and leisure. Sven visits his outdated acquaintances Debro and Anton, whom he liberated from the criminal planet of Paradise, and their teenage daughter flair, whose husband he assassinated and who now has a massive weigh down on him.

But what starts off as a respite speedy becomes a massacre as civil conflict erupts. And in the back of the double crosses and Byzantine betrayals threatening to topple OctoV from the throne he has held for hundreds of thousands of years are the United loose, a galaxy-spanning empire with the expertise of gods and the morals of schoolchildren.

As traditional, substantial difficulty appears to be like following Sven. that is okay with him. He isn’t that keen on holidays, besides.

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