Dante in Love

Dante in Love

A. N. Wilson

For William Butler Yeats, Dante Alighieri was once "the leader mind's eye of Christendom." For T. S. Eliot, he was once of ultimate significance, either as poet and thinker. Coleridge championed his advent to an English readership. Tennyson dependent his poem "Ulysses" on strains from the Inferno. Byron chastised an "Ungrateful Florence" for exiling Dante. The Divine Comedy resonates throughout years of our literary canon.

In Dante in Love, A. N. Wilson offers a glittering learn of an artist and his global, arguing that with no an knowing of medieval Florence, it truly is most unlikely to understand the which means of Dante's nice poem. He explains how the Italian states have been at the moment locked into violent feuds, reflected within the ferocious festival among the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy. He indicates how Dante's preoccupations with classical mythology, numerology, and the nice Christian philosophers tell each line of the Comedy.

Dante in Love also explores the enigma of the fellow who by no means wrote in regards to the mom of his young ones, but immortalized the mysterious Beatrice whom he slightly knew. With a biographer's eye for aspect and a novelist's comprehension of the inventive strategy, A. N. Wilson paints a masterful portrait of Dante Alighieri and unlocks one of many seminal works of literature for a brand new new release of readers.

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