Dangerous Brown Men: Exploiting Sex, Violence and Feminism in the 'War on Terror'

Dangerous Brown Men: Exploiting Sex, Violence and Feminism in the 'War on Terror'

Gargi Bhattacharyya

Why is the general public presentation of the struggle on terror suffused with sexualised racism?

What does this let us know approximately rules of gender, sexuality, spiritual and political identification and the position of the nation within the Western powers?

do we diffuse inter-ethnic conflicts and alter the way in which the West pursues its protection schedule by way of figuring out the function of sexualised racism within the battle on terror?

In asking such questions, Gargi Bhattacharyya considers how the options of imperialism, feminism, terror and protection could be utilized, with a view to construct at the influential debates in regards to the sexualised personality of colonialism. She examines the way western imperial violence has been linked to the rhetoric of rights and democracy - a undertaking of bombing for freedom that has referred to as into query the validity of western conceptions of democracy, rights and feminism.

Such rhetoric has given upward push to activities that transcend easily conserving western pursuits or securing entry to scarce assets and seem to be past instrumental cause. The articulations of racism that seem with the battle on terror are lively via fears and sexual fantasies inexplicable via rational curiosity on my own. There may be no answer to this likely never-ending clash with out figuring out the hugely sexualised racism that animates it. Such an realizing threatens to pierce the center of imperial family members, revealing their extreme contradictions and uncovering makes an attempt to normalise violent expropriation.

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