Cyclops (Dirk Pitt Adventures)

Cyclops (Dirk Pitt Adventures)

Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler’s bestselling Cyclops is one other swashbuckling NUMA documents experience! whilst a financier became treasure hunter vanishes mysteriously, in basic terms Dirk Pitt can hinder a world incident that threatens to begin a war.

A filthy rich American financier disappears on a treasure hunt in an vintage blimp. From Cuban waters, the blimp drifts towards Florida with a team of useless men—Soviet cosmonauts. Dirk Pitt discovers a stunning scheme: a covert workforce people industrialists has positioned a colony at the moon, a mystery base they are going to safeguard at any fee. Threatened in area, the Russians are approximately to strike a savage blow in Cuba—and simply NUMA’s Dirk Pitt can cease them. From a Cuban torture chamber to the chilly ocean depths, Pitt is racing to defuse a world conspiracy that threatens to shatter the earth!

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