Curio (Blink)

Curio (Blink)

Evangeline Denmark

Grey Haward has constantly detested the Chemists, the magicians-come-scientists who rule her small western city. yet she has continuously the foundations, taking the potion the Chemists ration out that is helping the town’s humans continue to exist. A potion that gray suspects she—like her grandfather and father—may now not truly need.

By operating at her grandfather’s fix store, sorting the small gears and dusting the curio cupboard within, gray has attempted to stick unnoticed—or as disregarded as a tall, robust woman can in a city of diminutive, underdeveloped electorate. Then her ally, Whit, is stuck via the Chemists’ enforcers after attempting to defend gray one evening, and after seeing the level of his punishment, without warning taking hazards turns out the single choice she will be able to make.

But with the chance comes the truth that the Chemists understand her family’s mystery, and the Chemists quickly choose to use her for his or her personal reasons. Panicked, gray retreats to the one secure position she knows—her grandfather’s store. There, even though, a bigger mystery confronts her while her contact unlocks the outdated curio cupboard within the nook and divulges an international the place porcelain and clockwork everyone is actual. There, she may locate the main which could keep Whit’s lifestyles and in addition finish the Chemists’ darkish rule forever.

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