Crusader Gold (Jack Howard)

Crusader Gold (Jack Howard)

David Gibbins

From the autumn of the Roman Empire to the final days of Nazi energy, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his crew of adventurers are sizzling at the path of history’s so much elusive and wanted treasure: the misplaced golden menorah of Jerusalem. And what they detect may possibly switch the area forever….

Deep underneath the windswept waters close to Istanbul, Jack and his crack crew of specialists have exposed a shocking clue to the site of the fabled treasure plundered in the course of the Crusades. in the meantime, in a dusty cathedral library, an individual reveals a long-forgotten medieval map. jointly the 2 discoveries will remedy an old mystery—and spark a race to prevent a present-day conspiracy of astonishing proportions.

From diving into the middle of an arctic iceberg to the final stand of a Viking warship to a unprecedented revelation deep within the jungles of relevant the US, Jack is headed directly right into a globe-spanning conflict of civilizations, into an remarkable underground labyrinth steeped in blood and horrors—and to a war of words with a killer on a shattering campaign of his personal.

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