Crow (Animal)

Crow (Animal)

Boria Sax

notwithstanding humans usually don't ponder them in such phrases, crows are remarkably sleek: from the end of a crow’s beak to the top of its tail is a unmarried curve, which alterations rhythmically because the crow turns its head or bends towards the floor. Foraging on their lengthy, strong legs, crows seem to waft over the earth; they take flight virtually with out attempt, flapping their wings simply, ascending into the air like spirits.

Nevertheless, the whiskers round their beaks and an obvious smile make crows, in a scruffy kind of approach, endearingly "human". In an enormous variety of cultures from the chinese language to the Hopi Indians, crows are bearers of prophecy. due to their courtship dances and monogamous unions, the Greeks invoked crows at weddings as symbols of conjugal love. Crows are one of the such a lot ubiquitous of birds, but, with no being in the slightest degree unique, they continue to be mysterious.

This ebook is a survey of crows, ravens, magpies and their family in fable, literature and existence. It levels from the raven despatched out via Noah to the corvid deities of the Eskimo, to Taoist legends, Victorian novels and modern motion pictures. will probably be of curiosity to each person who've ever been intrigued, questioned, frustrated or charmed by means of those splendidly clever birds.

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