Crazy Love

Crazy Love

Leslie Morgan Steiner

At 22, Leslie Morgan Steiner looked as if it would have all of it: beauty, a Harvard degree, a glamorous task in big apple urban. Plus a good-looking, humorous boyfriend who loved her. yet in the back of her façade of good fortune, this golden lady concealed a gloomy mystery. She'd made a mistake shared through thousands: she fell in love with the incorrect individual.

At first, Leslie and Conor appeared ideal jointly. Then got here the fights she attempted to disregard: he driven her down the steps, choked her in the course of an issue, and threatened her with a gun. a number of occasions, he got here just about making reliable on his hazard to kill her. With every one assault, Leslie misplaced one other piece of herself. Why did not she depart? She stayed simply because she enjoyed him. Gripping and totally compelling, Crazy Love takes you contained in the violent, devastating global of abusive love and makes you're feeling the facility and powerlessness of abuse which may ensue wherever and to somebody. Crazy Love attracts you in -- and not allows you to go.

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