Coyote: Seeking the Hunter in Our Midst

Coyote: Seeking the Hunter in Our Midst

Catherine Reid

"Alive with terror, appeal, and mystery." -- Madeleine Blais, writer of Uphill Walkers

When Catherine Reid lower back to the Berkshires to dwell after a long time away, she grew to become desirous about one other contemporary arrival: the jap coyote. This tenacious species, which stocks a few lineage with the wolf, indicates notable adaptability and awe-inspiring survival abilities. Coyotes were noticed in approximately each liveable region to be had, together with city streets, critical Park, and suburban backyards.

Settling into an previous farmhouse together with her companion, Reid felt pressured to benefit extra approximately this outlaw animal. Her fantastically grounded memoir interweaves own and normal historical past to touch upon probably the most dramatic flora and fauna tales of our time. With nice appreciation for this scrappy outsider and the ecological issues its presence brings to gentle, Reid means that all of us have to forge a brand new courting with this uncannily clever species in our midst.

"A appealing learn, precious of becoming a member of the pantheon of literary ecological writing." -- Booklist

"Enlightening . . . a heartfelt, frequently poetic case for coexistence among people and the wild." -- Publishers Weekly

"Graceful, intimate, and colourful prose . . . a massive, appealing book." -- Jane Brox, writer of Clearing Land

Catherine Reid is a naturalist, instructor, editor, and poet. She lives in an outdated farmhouse in western Massachusetts.

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