Cow (Animal)

Cow (Animal)

Hannah Velten

From the milk we drink within the morning, to the leather-based sneakers we slip on for the day, to the steak we enjoy at dinner, our day-by-day lives are completely certain up with cows. but there's a way more complicated tale at the back of this likely benign creature, which Hannah Velten explores the following, plumbing the wealthy trove of delusion, truth, and legend surrounding those familar animals.

From the plowing box to the rodeo to the temple, Velten tracks the continuously altering social courting among guy and farm animals, starting with the domestication of aurochs round 9000 BCE. From there, Cow launches right into a attention-grabbing tale of non secular fanaticism, clinical exploits, and the industrial adjustments engendered through the exchange of the varied items derived from the animal. She explores in enticing aspect how regardless of cattle's prominence at ends of a large spectrum: Hinduism venerates the cow as probably the most sacred contributors of the animal country, whereas red meat is a prized staple of the yankee nutrition. proposal frightening and informative, Cow restores this oft-overlooked animal to the the Aristocracy it richly merits.

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