Constitutional Faith

Constitutional Faith

Sanford Levinson

This publication examines the "constitutional religion" that has, for the reason that 1788, been a vital element of American "civil religion." via taking heavily the parallel among wholehearted reputation of the structure and spiritual religion, Sanford Levinson opens up a bunch of interesting questions on what it skill to be American. whereas a few view the structure because the crucial section of an American faith that serves to unite the social order, Levinson keeps that its sacred function may end up in clash, fragmentation, or even conflict. To Levinson, the Constitution's worth lies within the realm of the discourse it sustains: a uniquely American kind of political rhetoric that permits electorate to grapple with each very important public factor imaginable.

In a brand new afterword, Levinson appears on the deepening of constitutional worship and attributes the present frequent frustrations with the govt. to the static nature of the Constitution.

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