Constantinople: The Last Great Siege, 1453

Constantinople: The Last Great Siege, 1453

Roger Crowley

'Engagingly clean and bright . . . The 21-year-old Mehmet [the Ottoman Sultan] emerges from this publication as ruthless yet leading edge, irascible yet flexible and, chiefly, indefatigable - a invaluable successor to Alexander and the Roman emperors he popular up to any Muslim hero.' Malise Ruthven, Sunday Times

In the spring of 1453, the Ottoman Turks complicated on Constantinople in pursuit of an historical Islamic dream: taking pictures the thousand-year-old capital of Christian Byzantium. through the siege that undefined, a small band of defenders, outnumbered ten to 1, faced the may of the Ottoman military in an epic contest fought on land, sea and underground.

'In this account of the 1453 siege, written in crackling prose by way of former Istanbul resident Roger Crowley - his first publication and never, i am hoping, his final - we're handled to narrative heritage at its so much enthralling.' Christopher Silvester, Daily Express

'A bright and readable account of the siege . . . [And] a great traveller's consultant to how and why Istanbul grew to become a Muslim city.' Philip Mansel, Guardian

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