Comparative Journeys: Essays on Literature and Religion East and West (Masters of Chinese Studies)

Comparative Journeys: Essays on Literature and Religion East and West (Masters of Chinese Studies)

Anthony C. Yu

Throughout his educational occupation, Anthony C. Yu has hired a comparative method of literary research that can pay cautious awareness to the spiritual and philosophical parts of chinese language and Western texts. His mastery of either canons continues to be unrivaled within the box, and his enormous wisdom of the contexts that gave upward thrust to every culture offers the rules for perfect comparative scholarship.

In those essays, Yu explores the overlap among literature and faith in chinese language and Western literature. He opens with a critical technique for touching on texts to faith and follows with numerous essays that observe this method of unmarried texts in discrete traditions: the Greek faith in Prometheus; Christian theology in Milton; historic chinese language philosophical concept in Laozi; and chinese language non secular syncretism in The trip to the West.

Yu's essays juxtapose chinese language and Western texts—Cratylus subsequent to Xunzi, for example—and talk about their dating to language and matters, similar to liberal Greek schooling opposed to common schooling in China. He compares a selected Western textual content and faith to a selected chinese language textual content and faith. He considers the Divina Commedia within the context of Catholic theology along the adventure to the West because it pertains to chinese language syncretism, united by way of the subject of pilgrimage. but Yu's concentration is not totally tied to the classics. He additionally considers the fight for human rights in China and the way this subject pertains to historical chinese language social notion and sleek notions of rights within the West.

"In nearly each high-cultural system," Yu writes, "be it the Indic, the Islamic, the Sino-Japanese, or the Judeo—Christian, the literary culture has built in intimate—indeed, frequently intertwining-relation to non secular idea, perform, establishment, and symbolism." Comparative Journeys is an enormous step towards unraveling this complexity, revealing throughout the expert statement of texts the extreme intimacy among supposedly disparate languages and cultures.

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