Colonel Chabert

Colonel Chabert

Honoré de Balzac, Carol Cosman

The tale of a French army hero of the Napoleonic Wars, lengthy assumed to be useless, attempts to get better his fortune and previous spouse in the course of the support of a recognized Parisian lawyer.

Colonel Chabert, a Napoleonic battle hero supposedly killed within the conflict of Eylau, returns to Paris after a protracted convalescence to discover his spouse remarried, and his pension long past. He employs a tender, famous legal professional to a minimum of reclaim his pension. it's a online game of wits: first to persuade the attorney that he's who he says he's; secondly to get his spouse to confess to his identification and thereby quit a few of her wealth. as soon as the attorney believes Chabert's tale, the spouse needs to be made to half along with his pension...

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