Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound

Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound

Jonathan Goldman

utilizing the technology of sound therapeutic for better recognition, more suitable relationships, planetary oneness, and actual and emotional therapeutic

• deals routines with breath, tone, sacred vowel sounds, and the chanted Bija Mantras to turn on and stability the chakras for larger overall healthiness and concord

• indicates the best way to perform sound therapeutic separately or with a accomplice to reinforce communique, decrease rigidity, and create internal stability and peace

• contains a 60-minute CD of the sounds, mantras, and vocal routines within the publication for starting a private or partnered therapeutic sound perform

• earlier variation received the easiest e-book in replacement well-being Award from the Coalition of Visionary assets

As either old non secular masters and smooth quantum physicists recognize, the universe is vibration. via sound and its skill to speak with our chakras and refined physique, we will be able to faucet into the vibration of the universe for higher concord and more desirable relationships; actual, emotional, and non secular therapeutic; elevated recognition; and planetary oneness.

In this step by step consultant, sound therapeutic pioneer Jonathan Goldman and his spouse, holistic psychotherapist Andi Goldman, show particular methods the voice can resonate the actual and refined our bodies, together with 7 robust chanted Bija Mantras and sacred vowel sounds to stability and align the chakras. offering routines with breath, tone, mantras, and seed sounds, the authors exhibit how you can perform sound therapeutic both separately or with a associate to reinforce relationships, succeed in deeper emotional degrees, increase communique, lessen pressure, in achieving internal stability, and create concord with these round you in addition to the entire planet. The accompanying 60-minute CD deals right pronunciation and examples of the Bija Mantras, sacred vowels, seed sounds, and vocal routines within the e-book in addition to recordings of Pythagorean tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan making a song bowls, and Tibetan bells, offering the fitting backdrop for starting a private or partnered therapeutic sound perform.

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