Certitude: A Profusely Illustrated Guide to Blockheads and Bullheads, Past and Present

Certitude: A Profusely Illustrated Guide to Blockheads and Bullheads, Past and Present

Christopher Hitchens, Adam Begley, Edward Sorel

occasionally all we now have is the braveness of our convictions. yet now not all convictions are created equivalent. in truth, a few are downright delusional. And as soon as a silly inspiration sinks its enamel into the recognized or the strong, glance out--the influence may have profound outcomes for the remainder of us. So it's not anything in need of pleasant while our so much bullheaded and self-righteous best lighting fixtures insist on getting their means simply to be confirmed egregiously embarrassingly improper. From politicians to pontiffs, motion picture stars to moguls, and artists to inventors, Certitude offers brief biographical sketches of notoriously obdurate people who have been convinced they have been right--with laughable, anxious, and sometimes disastrous effects.

Earning a spot one of the maximum old and modern bullheads are:
•Girolamo Savonarola, the Dominican friar who didn't position his personal vanities at the bonfire.
•Carry A. country, the saloon smasher who didn't have a temperate bone in her teetotaling physique.
•Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of the Sherlock Holmes sequence, who lacked the deductive reasoning he bestowed on his personal creation.
•Joseph Stalin, the hard-line Soviet chief who had a tender spot in any case.
•Madonna, the queen of dad, who isn't only a fabric woman: She's embraced Kabbalah and the doctrine of reincarnation--in different phrases, she'll be again!

Informative, irreverent, and brilliantly illustrated by means of the caricaturist Edward Sorel, Certitude is a booklet for our time.

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