Cat's Claw (24 Declassified, Book 4)

Cat's Claw (24 Declassified, Book 4)

John Whitman

The world's strongest leaders are amassing in la for the G-8 summit, unaware that they have got been precise through separate terrorist teams, every one with its personal deadly schedule. Uncovering and disarming one bomb will be tricky adequate; doing away with either could be approximately impossible.

On the path of a rabid Islamic murderer, rogue CTU agent Jack Bauer doesn't understand that one other conspiracy is brewing round him—a toxic plot to violently dictate the way forward for the unfastened international. If Bauer does not anything, in twenty-four hours the total planet can be plunged into chaos, its fundamental heads of country ruthlessly destroyed. but when he acts, his daughter Kim will die as an alternative.

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