Cashiers du Cinemart 16

Cashiers du Cinemart 16

Karen Lillis, Mike White

We heard you neglected us. we are again. it is the revenge of print, Cashiers du Cinemart kind. a hundred pages of movie trivia from wealthy Osmond, Skizz Cyzyk, David MacGregor, Chris Cummins, Mike Sullivan, Andrew J. Rausch, Joshua Gravel, Ralph Elawani, Jef Burnham, Karen Lillis, Kyle Barrowman, Dion clash, and Mike White. conceal paintings by way of Stephen Blickenstaff!

Includes tales at the Texas Chainsaw bloodbath franchise, Georgia Peaches, Rolling Thunder, Cabin Boy, Quebecois porn, Breaking Glass, Babe 2, Killer vehicles, and plenty of extra Reindeer Games...

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