Carb Counter: A Clear Guide to Carbohydrates in Everyday Foods (Collins Gem)

Carb Counter: A Clear Guide to Carbohydrates in Everyday Foods (Collins Gem)

The perfect significant other to the highly profitable Gem Calorie Counter, it is a convenient transportable consultant to carbohydrates in daily meals now more suitable and optimised for e-readers and pill units, with absolutely searchable textual content and tables.

Perfect for these following the short vitamin (5:2 Diet), Dukan nutrition, Atkins vitamin or different weight reduction diets.

Clearly laid out tables provide info of internet carbohydrates in keeping with component (slice, biscuit, apple) making it fast and straightforward to use.

Reducing carbohydrates and following a excessive protein nutrition has turn into a well-liked and potent method of shedding pounds and preserving these additional kilos off. The curiosity within the Dr Atkins New nutrition Revolution is apparent evidence of this.

The key to following a high-protein vitamin is to manage your carbohydrate consumption. Collins Gem Carb Counter is a consultant to the internet carb contents of daily meals. It additionally supplies energy, protein and fat.

Information is given consistent with component to make it effortless to take advantage of. excessive protein, carb-counting diets are usually known as a man’s vitamin and this emphasis on parts instead of a hundred g implies that there's much less figuring out involved.

Boredom is frequently the downfall of the carb counter, so a bit is integrated which provides feedback for various nutrients: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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