Camel (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Camel (Reaktion Books - Animal)

A certain image of the barren region and the center East, the camel was unkindly defined as “half snake, part folding bedstead.” yet within the eyes of many the camel is a creature of significant good looks. this is often most blatant within the Arab international, the place the camel has performed a imperative position within the ancient improvement of Arabic society—where an complex vocabulary and broad literature were dedicated to it. 

            In Camel, Robert Irwin explores why the camel has involved such a lot of cultures, together with these cultivated in locales the place camels aren't indigenous. right here, he strains the heritage of the camel from its origins hundreds of thousands of years in the past to the current day, discussing such concerns of latest situation because the plight of camel herders in Sudan’s war-torn Darfur zone, the alarming bring up within the inhabitants of feral camels in Australia, and the endangered prestige of the wild Bactrian in Mongolia and China. all through heritage, the camel has been liked around the globe for its practicality, resilience, and mythical talents of survival. therefore it's been featured within the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Poussin, Tiepolo, Flaubert, Kipling, and Rose Macaulay, between others. From East to West, Irwin’s Camel is the 1st survey of its sort to ascertain the animal’s position in society and background through the world.

Not only for camel aficionados, this hugely illustrated publication, containing over a hundred informative and strange photographs, is bound to entertain and tell somebody attracted to this interesting and unique animal.

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