Call Me Anna: The Autobiography of Patty Duke

Call Me Anna: The Autobiography of Patty Duke

Patty Duke

The Star--The public observed her as a talented child  star: the youngest actor to win an Oscar for her role  as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker and the  youngest actor to have a prime-time tv series  bearing her personal identify.

The Nightmare--What the  public didn't see was once Anna Marie Duke, a tender girl  whose existence replaced endlessly at age seven when  tyrannical mangers stripped her of approximately all that was  familiar, starting together with her identify. She used to be deprived  of friends and family. Her each observe was  programmed, her each motion monitored and criticized. She  was fed liquor and pharmaceuticals, taught to  lie to get paintings, and relentlessly drilled to win  roles.

The Legend--Out of this nightmare emerged  Patty Duke, a express company legend nonetheless searching  for the kid, Anna. She gained 3 Emmy Awards and  divorced 3 husbands. A starring position in  Valley of the Dolls approximately ruined her  career. She was once infamous for wild spending sprees,  turbulent liaisons, and an uncontrollable temper.  Until an extended hidden ailment was once clinically determined, and her  amazing restoration restoration begun.

The Triumph--  Call Me Anna is an American success  story that grew out of a extraordinary and desperate  struggle for survival. A harrowing, ultimately  triumphant tale informed by way of Patty Duke herself--wife,  mother, political activist, President of the Screen  Actors Guild, and finally, a contented, fulfilled woman  whose miracle is her personal existence.

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