Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain (Laugh & Learn®)

Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain (Laugh & Learn®)

Trevor Romain

Bullies are suggest. Bullies are frightening. Bullies are a discomfort within the brain—and each baby must comprehend what to do while faced by way of one. This e-book blends humor with critical, functional feedback for dealing with bullies. Trevor Romain reassures children that they are now not by myself and it isn't their fault if a bully makes a decision to select on them. He explains a few everyone is bullies and describes life like how one can turn into "Bully-Proof," cease bullies from hurting others, and get assist in risky events. And if bullies ensue to learn this e-book, they will locate principles they could use to get in addition to others and be ok with themselves—without making people miserable.

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