Buddhist Thought in India, Three Phases of Buddhist Philosophy

Buddhist Thought in India, Three Phases of Buddhist Philosophy

Edward Conze

Scanned like photocopies, pages consistent with sheet

From the preface:

This publication units out to debate and interpret the most topics of
Buddhist concept in India.' The time isn't really but ripe for the production
of a complete educational guide, and at the least such
an venture will require even more area than I had at my
disposal. there was no room to do justice to the countless details
of Buddhist philosophizing, and likewise the references on the finish have
been stored short and can were increased indefinitely. The
emphasis is far and wide on these points of the doctrine which appear
to me to be definitely real or major. all through i've got aimed
at furthering the certainty, as certain from the naked knowledge,
of Buddhist considering. it can were more uncomplicated to thread jointly a
lot of quotations, yet what could were received in ostensible
erudition might were misplaced in demonstrable perception. In presenting
Buddhist philosophy as an intelligible, believable and legitimate approach, I
have by no means overpassed its functionality as a non secular technique designed to
win emancipation from this global. As opposite to the methods of the
whole international has this Dharma been validated. It teaches you not
to grab upon dharmas, however the global is wont to know at something

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