Bloodhoney (Wyrmeweald, Book 2)

Bloodhoney (Wyrmeweald, Book 2)

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

From the creators of the sting Chronicles comes the second one installment within the terrific story of Wyrmeweald!

Winter is a deadly time within the wyrmeweald. as soon as a powerful barren region, the house of the dragon-like wyrmes has develop into an icy wilderness. Brutal battles rage among the evil kith, motive on ravaging all that they could, and the wyrme-friendly kin. Young Micah is secure in a iciness den, sheltered from the serious chilly, with kinfolk Eli and the attractive, harmful wryme-rider Thrace. Thrace aches to go away the den and fly during the skies on her whitewyrme, yet Micah is aware they're more secure indoors. Meanwhile, a brutal murderer ways, fueled through the invigorating liquor referred to as bloodhoney and looking vengeance. Micah and his pals are being hunted—and nowhere within the wyrmeweald is really secure.

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