Blind Spot: Why We Fail to See the Solution Right in Front of Us

Blind Spot: Why We Fail to See the Solution Right in Front of Us

Gordon Rugg, Joseph D'Agnese

The Voynich Manuscript has been thought of to be the world's so much mysterious publication. packed with unusual illustrations and an unknown language, it challenged the world's best code-crackers for almost a century.

But in precisely four-and-a-half months, Dr. Gordon Rugg, a popular researcher, came upon proof (which were there all alongside) that the booklet can be a immense, glittering hoax.

In Blind Spot: Why We miss out on the answer correct in entrance of Us, Dr. Rugg stocks his tale and indicates how his toolkit of problem-solving techniques—such as his Verifier Method—can store the day, fairly in these instances while the specialists in your staff have the entire info in entrance of them yet are nonetheless unaccountably at an impasse.

In the culture of Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Ariely, Dr. Rugg, a emerging famous person in machine technological know-how, demanding situations us to re-evaluate the best way we expect, and offers new instruments to unravel difficulties and crack codes in our personal lives.

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