Beyond Capitalism?: The Future of Radical Politics

Beyond Capitalism?: The Future of Radical Politics

Luke Cooper

How to maneuver 'beyond capitalism' and even if certainly it really is attainable to take action, has turn into a query of common curiosity, instead of easily the guard of left-literary dialogue, because the credits main issue of 2008. This booklet examines the social nature of the austerity trouble, and even if an anticapitalist message can effectively intersect and create a brand new virtuous dynamic for the novel left after many years of retreat.

Intended as a contribution to debates round primary social swap that have emerged within the wake of Occupy and the Arab revolutions, past Capitalism is a e-book which mixes 'historical sociology' with the politics of social emancipation. The query those pursuits have posed is how can the unconventional left marshal its frequently meagre forces to create a brand new counter hegemony to the ethos and tradition of capitalism?

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