Bob Garfield

Jack Schiavone desires to rebuild his existence after an embezzlement scandal observed him drummed out of his high-paying ads activity. So he’s reinvented himself as “Mr. Mattress,” a bedding franchisee in Ebbets seashore, Brooklyn. working a bed shop is a great, quiet life—until Jack will get sucked right into a simmering mob battle that pits an formidable Russian crime boss opposed to a softening Italian don.

Soon everyone seems to be “going to the mattresses.”

Jack falls for the don’s lovely black-sheep daughter, a criminal relief lawyer, making him the objective of a jealous clever guy/lounge singer who’s fixated on her too. And his new shop manager—the don’s light, stamp gathering, cottage cheese–eating former consigliere—proves nearly as good at promoting mattresses as he used to be at cooking the books for the mob. Then the Russians wear a exhibit of strength, and the don’s in simple terms recourse is to name on the world’s worst hit guy: a mild-mannered chiropractor with an cutting edge killing approach.

When the smoke clears, who would be the don of Ebbets Beach?

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