Ron Leshem, Evan Fallenberg

Beaufort. To the handful of Israeli infantrymen occupying the traditional crusader citadel, it's a little slice of hell—a forbidding, fear-soaked enclave perched atop acres of land in southern Lebanon, surrounded through an enemy they can not see. And to the 13 younger males in his command, twenty-one-year-old Lieutenant Liraz “Erez” Liberti is a taskmaster, confessor, and the one desire within the face of assaults that pop out of nowhere and of missions possible designed to get all of them killed. yet of their stony haven, Erez and his squaddies have created their very own little global, their very own ideas, their very own language. And the following Erez listens to his males construct castles out of phrases, telling tales, telling lies, conversing ceaselessly of ladies, intercourse, and lifeless comrades. till, within the ultimate days of the career, Erez and his squad of fed-up, pissed-off, fearful younger infantrymen are given one final order: a undertaking that might shatter all final illusions—and stand as a testomony to the common, gut-wrenching futility of war.

The foundation for the Academy Award-nominated movie of an identical identify.

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