Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul

Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul

Mark D. White, Robert Arp, William Irwin

Why does not Batman simply kill the Joker and finish everyone's misery?

do we carry the Joker morally chargeable for his actions?

Is Batman higher than Superman?

If everybody Batman's example,

might Gotham be a greater place?

what's the Tao of the Bat?

Batman is without doubt one of the most complicated characters ever to seem in comedian books, picture novels, and at the vast reveal. What philosophical trials does this superhero confront in an effort to preserve Gotham secure? Combing via seventy years of comedian books, tv indicates, and flicks, Batman and Philosophy explores how the darkish Knight grapples with moral conundrums, ethical accountability, his id obstacle, the ethical weight he incorporates to avenge his murdered mom and dad, and lots more and plenty extra. How does this caped crusader degree up opposed to the lessons of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu?

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