Bathed in Blood Marc (Rogue Angel, Book 53)

Bathed in Blood Marc (Rogue Angel, Book 53)

Alex Archer, Joe Nassise

the search for early life in simple terms results in death…

The Blood Countess—Elizabeth Bathory, a real monster of history—is some of the most notorious serial killers. acknowledged to have murdered 650 younger women for his or her blood, she believed bathing in it'll protect her energy and sweetness. It's a narrative that has constantly involved archaeologist and television host Annja Creed. whatever so magnificent might merely be a narrative. So what's Annja to make of the woman she reveals demise at the aspect of the road…from blood loss?

There's whatever eerie during this small Slovakian city, the place rumors of vampirism hold unstated within the air. but, out of worry, the locals say not anything. close out by means of the police, Annja merely digs deeper into the unusual demise, uncovering troubling scraps of evidence—and cover-ups. Her one lead is an enigmatic retired police officer who has been investigating the disappearance of greater than twenty ladies. them all younger. them all appealing.

The in basic terms approach Annja can see to discover in fact by means of changing into the Blood Countess's subsequent victim….

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