Bank Shot (Dortmunder, Book 2)

Bank Shot (Dortmunder, Book 2)

Donald E. Westlake

rather than robbing a financial institution, Dortmunder attempts to thieve the entire building.

Encyclopedias are heavy, and John Dortmunder is in poor health of wearing them. whereas in among jobs, the power heist-planner is operating an encyclopedia-selling rip-off that's approximately to explode in his face. The law enforcement officials are on their approach while his pal Kelp pulls up in a stolen Oldsmobile, delivering a brief get away from the legislations and a role that's too insane to show down. Kelp's nephew is an FBI washout who's hooked on old-time pulp novels and event tales. He attempted being a cop, and now he desires to be a robber. His goal: a chief highway financial institution that has briefly relocated to a wide cellular domestic. Breaking in is impossible—there are seven guards and a police station down the street—but cellular houses have been intended to be pushed. Dortmunder simply has to force the financial institution away.

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