Ayahuasca Medicine: The Shamanic World of Amazonian Sacred Plant Healing

Ayahuasca Medicine: The Shamanic World of Amazonian Sacred Plant Healing

Alan Shoemaker

An insider’s account of the adventure to develop into an ayahuasquero, a shaman who heals with the visionary vine ayahuasca

• information the author’s education and existence as a curandero utilizing ayahuasca medication, San Pedro cactus, tobacco purges, psychedelic mushrooms, and different visionary vegetation  

• deals first-hand money owed of excellent therapeutic the place ayahuasca printed the reason for the disease, together with how the writer healed his mom from liver melanoma

• indicates how “ayahuasca tourism” symbolizes the Western world’s reawakening have to connect to the common existence strength

For greater than twenty years American-born Alan Shoemaker has apprenticed and labored with shamans in Ecuador and Peru, studying the normal tools of ayahuasca practise, the ceremonial rituals for its use, and the way to commune with the therapeutic spirit of this sacred plant in addition to the spirit of the San Pedro cactus and different sacred plant allies. Now a famous and practising ayahuasquero, or ayahuasca shaman, in Peru, he bargains an insider’s account of the ayahuasca culture and of its use for increasing realization and reaching therapeutic via entry to different dimensions of being.

Shoemaker information his education and his personal curandero perform utilizing ayahuasca drugs, tobacco purges, psychedelic mushrooms, and different visionary vegetation. He discusses the various traditions of his finest lecturers and mentors, Don Juan within the Peruvian Amazon, an ayahuasquero, and Valentin in Ecuador, a San Pedro shaman. He unearths the necessary position performed by way of icaros, the therapeutic songs of the plant shaman, and gives firsthand bills of remarkable therapeutic due to ayahuasca’s skill to bare the reason for an disease, together with how he healed his mom from liver melanoma.

The writer additionally addresses the emerging approval for Northerners touring to the Amazon to hunt therapeutic and brain growth via ayahuasca and exhibits how this fascination is caused by means of humanity’s reawakening have to hook up with the common lifestyles strength.

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