Awsaf al Ashraf: The Attributes of the Noble

Awsaf al Ashraf: The Attributes of the Noble

Khwajah Nasir Al Din Al Tusi - XKP

After writing the booklet entitled Nasirian Ethics (akhlaq-e Nasiri), which discusses the noble tendencies and the sound rules of ethical behavior in line with the way in which of the philosophers (hukama'), the author of this treatise and the writer of this discourse, Muhammad al-Tusi, had it in his brain to put in writing a concise treatise describing the methods of the awliya' and the equipment of the seers in keeping with the rules of the wayfarers of the trail (tariqah) and the seekers of the reality (haqiqah) and one according to the rules of cause and culture, containing the sophisticated theoretical and functional issues that represent the kernel and essence of that self-discipline.

Translated from the Persian via Ali Quli Qara'i -



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