Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure

Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure

Paul A. Offit

A London researcher used to be the 1st to say that the mix measles-mumps-rubella vaccine often called MMR prompted autism in childrens. Following this "discovery," a handful of folks declared mercury-containing preservative in different vaccines used to be liable for the illness. If mercury brought on autism, they reasoned, doing away with it from a kid's procedure should still deal with the disease. accordingly, a few untested substitute cures arose, and, such a lot tragically, in a single such remedy, a physician injected a five-year-old autistic boy with a chemical so as to cleanse him of mercury, which stopped his middle as an alternative.

Children with autism were put on stringent diets, subjected to high-temperature saunas, bathed in magnetic clay, requested to swallow digestive enzymes and activated charcoal, and injected with a variety of combos of supplementations, minerals, and acids. rather than supporting, those remedies can harm people who are so much susceptible, and especially in terms of autism, they undermine youth vaccination courses that experience stored thousands of lives. an overpowering physique of clinical proof in actual fact indicates that youth vaccines are secure and doesn't reason autism. but common worry of vaccines at the a part of mom and dad persists.

In this publication, Paul A. Offit, a countrywide specialist on vaccines, demanding situations the modern day fake prophets who've so egregiously misled the general public and exposes the opportunism of the attorneys, reporters, celebrities, and politicians who help them. Offit recounts the background of autism examine and the exploitation of this tragic situation through advocates and zealots. He considers the manipulation of technological know-how within the renowned media and the court, and he explores why society is at risk of the undesirable technological know-how and dicy treatments recommend through many antivaccination activists.

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