Artemis (Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World)

Artemis (Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World)

Artemis is a literary, iconographic, and archaeological examine of the traditional Greek goddess of the quest, who presided over the transitions and mediations among the wild and the civilized, adolescence and adulthood, lifestyles and demise. starting with a research of the early origins of Artemis and her cult within the Bronze and Archaic a long time, Budin explores the goddess' character and her position within the lives of her worshippers.

This quantity examines her start and formative years, her position within the divine kin, her virginity, and her institutions with these areas the place the wilds turn into the "cities of simply men." the focal point then turns to Artemis’ function within the lives of youngsters and girls, fairly how she is helping them navigate the transition to maturity and, maybe too usually, dying. Budin is going directly to re-evaluate many of the extra harrowing facets of Artemis’ mythology, corresponding to plague and bloodshed, whereas additionally studying a few of her kinder, oft ignored institutions. ultimately, the position of Artemis in the Renaissance and glossy society is addressed, from the on-going fascination with the "breasts" at the statue of Artemis of Ephesos to the Artemisian elements of Katniss Everdeen.

Written in an obtainable variety, Artemis is a vital source for college students not just of Greek fantasy, faith and cult, but in addition these trying to comprehend the lives and roles of women and ladies in old Greece, as this goddess presided over their major milestones, from maiden to spouse to mother.

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