Are You Crazy?: 18 Scientific Quizzes to Test Yourself

Are You Crazy?: 18 Scientific Quizzes to Test Yourself

Andrew N. Williams

there's a high quality line among quirky and out-and-out loopy. With 18 scientifically established quizzes, Andrew N. Williams is helping readers decipher even if they're "normal," toeing the road, or some distance prior it.

Developed via psychologists to investigate human habit, the quizzes enable readers to find in the event that they (or their family and friends) are:

- intercourse addicts
- Obsessive-compulsives
- foodstuff freaks
- Thrill-seekers
- Hypochondriacs
- Fetishists
- Paranoids
- Imposters

Plus the ebook contains descriptions, in layman's phrases, of greater than eighty particular quirks, illustrated with actual lifestyles examples. Readers will surprise at tales of people that:

- Crave dirt-and consume it through the handful
- Are petrified of doughnuts simply because they can't see what's inside
- Lie approximately deaths within the family-to acquire sympathy playing cards

'But Are You Crazy?' is way greater than a celebration online game, providing precious insights for facing different peoples' loopy habit in addition to one's personal insecurities and phobias.

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