Ant (Animal)

Ant (Animal)

Charlotte Sleigh

Ants are legion: at this time there are 11,006 species of ant identified; they dwell all over the international other than the polar icecaps; and the mixed weight of the ant inhabitants has been predicted to make up part the mass of all bugs alive today.

When we come across them open air, ants fascinate us; stumbled on in our kitchen cabinets, they elicit horror and disgust. Charlotte Sleigh’s Ant elucidates the cultural purposes at the back of our assorted reactions to those striking bugs, and considers the range of responses that people have expressed at varied occasions and elsewhere to their complicated, miniature societies. Ants have figured as fable miniature armies, as types of fine habit, as infiltrating communists and as creatures at the borderline among the geographical regions of the natural and the laptop: in 1977 British Telecom employed ant specialists to aid remedy issues of their colossal info network.

This is the 1st booklet to check ants in those and plenty of different such guises, and in so doing opens up broader matters concerning the background of technology and people’ kin with the wildlife. will probably be of curiosity to someone who likes average heritage or cultural reports, or who has ever rushed out and acquired a can of Raid™.

"[Charlotte Sleigh's] fashionable, attractive and informative learn merits to win new contributors for the ant fan club."—Jonathan Bate, The Times

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