Alara Unbroken: A Novel of Magic: The Gathering

Alara Unbroken: A Novel of Magic: The Gathering

Doug Beyer

as soon as upon a time, the airplane of Alara was once shattered into 5 planes, every one particularly populated with relative mono-magical tradition that displays all of the 5 shades. Now, the planes are commencing to realign and merge as soon as more.

As nefarious forces paintings to hasten the cataclysmic realignment for his or her personal achieve, the populations of as soon as ordered planes fight to come back to phrases with a brand new planar order within which lengthy separated struggles among contrary conflict once again; martyrs face executioners, fireplace and water, earth and air, progress and rot, the innate as opposed to the artificial.

Amid this chaos, Ajani, a fierce leonin planeswalker, struggles to carry justice and backbone to his brother's dying. Noble warrior Rafiq searches for the resource of the of this evil that has invaded his international. And Sarkhan Vol, planeswalker and dragon hunter, faucets right into a strength so natural and old, it threatens to eat him at the same time he revels in its unadulterated totality.

An motion packed tale from the brain of 1 of the creators, Doug Beyer opens up the Shards of Alara(TM) set like not anyone else can.

From the Paperback edition.

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