After the Last Man: Excurses to the Limits of the Technological System

After the Last Man: Excurses to the Limits of the Technological System

Toivo Koivukoski

during this distinctive, enlightening monograph, Toivo Koivukoski explores the conditions that experience led glossy society to exploit the idea that of growth as a surrogate cosmology that offers members a feeling of position and goal. via linking quite a few old paradigms from German Idealist philosophy to modern philosophies of know-how, this paintings of political conception describes another, immanent development of improvement that's, in a feeling, pushed via its personal unintentional effects. The meditations defined inside this publication map out the hypertext pathways of our international approach, making its constitutive family and underlying idea strategies obvious.

Koivukoski mirrors the recent hyper-realities of digital communications applied sciences via structuring the textual content in compact subchapters which are associated via an index of matters that enables readers to "find their very own philosophy" by means of leaping to components of curiosity. If, as he argues, background understood in a linear, lockstep type is over, then the methods of constructing suggestions may still swap respectively in order that the kinds of retrievals, anticipations, loops, and leaps that symbolize nonlinear, networked considering are consciously discovered in an identification of shape and substance.

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