Acts of Faith

Acts of Faith

Philip Caputo

Philip Caputo’s tragic and epically formidable new novel is determined in Sudan, the place conflict is an everlasting situation. Into this desolate theater come relief employees, missionaries, and mercenaries of judgment of right and wrong whose braveness and idealism occasionally coexist with treacherous ethical blindness. There’s the entrepreneurial American pilot who is going from flying foodstuff and drugs to smuggling palms, the Kenyan relief employee who can’t aid seeing the tawdry underside of his company, and the evangelical Christian who involves Sudan to redeem slaves and falls in love with a charismatic insurgent commander.

As their fates intersect and our figuring out in their characters deepens, it turns into obvious that Acts of Faith is a kind of infrequent novels that mix excessive ethical seriousness with impossible to resist narrative wizardry.   

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