Abyss Deep

Abyss Deep

Ian Douglas

ny instances bestselling writer Ian Douglas's virtuosic celebrity Corpsman sequence proves something: The Marines are nonetheless the hardest sons of weapons within the galaxy.

As Bravo corporation defuses a hostage hindrance on an orbiting mining station, army Corpsman Elliot "Doc" Carlyle not just saves the lives of a wounded Marine and extraterrestrial friendlies--he averts a terrorist strike meant to kill billions. His present? Deployment on a recon venture into the darkest depths recognized to man.

Abyss Deep is a foreboding ocean planet torn via extremes: boiling typhoon global on one facet, unbroken glacier at the different. people demonstrated a learn colony there to review the planet's mammoth sea serpents--but the colony has long past ominously silent. while Carlyle's staff arrives, they find a vessel belonging to a warlike alien species soaring above the ambience. yet less than the ice lurks a secret so chilling it'll make even Elliot Carlyle's blood run chilly.

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