A Theory of Nonviolent Action: How Civil Resistance Works

A Theory of Nonviolent Action: How Civil Resistance Works

Stellan Vinthagen

In this ground-breaking and much-needed booklet, Stellan Vinthagen offers the 1st significant systematic try to enhance a concept of nonviolent motion seeing that Gene Sharp's seminal The Politics of Nonviolent Action in 1973.
making use of a wealthy selection of old and modern social events from a variety of components of the realm as examples—from the civil rights stream in the US to anti-Apartheid protestors in South Africa to Gandhi and his fans in India—and addressing center theoretical concerns referring to nonviolent motion in an leading edge, penetrating manner, Vinthagen argues for a repertoire of nonviolence that mixes resistance and building. opposite to past study, this repertoire—consisting of debate facilitation, normative legislation, strength breaking and utopian enactment—is proven to be either multidimensional and contradictory, developing tough contradictions inside nonviolence, whereas at the same time delivering its inventive and transformative force.

an enormous contribution to the field, A conception of Nonviolent Action is crucial for somebody concerned with nonviolent motion who desires to take into consideration what they're doing.

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